Getting Started

Getting a free cleaning quote

Give us a call at 212-603-9480, or fill out the form in the Contact Us section and we will respond within 2 hours. 



Does prime use safe cleaning products?

All of our cleaning staff are trained and provided with cleaning products that are safe for all types of surfaces. 


How much will does prime charge?

We will work with you to find the most reasonable deal to get your space cleaned. Our prices are highly competitive in the industry. 


does prime provide cleaning Equipment and supplies?

Once you have allowed us to serve you, we will provide all the necessary cleaning equipment such as vacuums, mops, dry mops, cleaning solutions, microfiber towels, etc. 

In most cases, Prime can reduce the costs by over 20% from your current office supply company. 

We also provide disposable supplies that your office needs including plastic liners, paper towels, c-fold towels, toilet paper and hand soaps/sanitizers.

Prime & Your Building 

Unless your lease states that you must use a certain service provider, you can typically choose your own. We have all the proper insurances and we will work your building management to get started.